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Grand Rounds, 10/20/2010   |   Newsletter
The Glenda Garvey Medical Society
On October 19th and 20th, 2010, an inaugural meeting of the Glenda Garvey Medical Society was held, in conjunction with a Reunion of former Chief Residents, at Columbia University Medical Center.

The Glenda Garvey Medical Society will bind Residents and Chief Residents, Fellows and Faculty in an organization that will reinforce the Department's culture of excellence.  The Society will provide a network for past trainees to achieve several good effects. On the one hand, the Society will strengthen the connection to Columbia and our ongoing efforts to promote excellence in clinical medicine and medical education. On the other, the Society will provide a structure through which members can maintain contact with one another for personal and professional benefit.

The Glenda Garvey Medical Society is envisioned to encompass all of our past and current House Officers and Fellows as well as the Faculty of the Department of Medicine.  The Chief Residents will serve as coordinators for the Interns and Residents who served under their watch.  Also Chief Residents have been, as often as not, Clinical Fellows and will coordinate for their fellowship colleagues.

We are currently working on updating our records to include correct contact information for all of our past House Officers and Fellow.  Please (click here) to complete this brief form providing us with your updated information.