Department of Medicine

Medicine Grand Rounds

Continuing Medical Education credits are given for rounds/conferences throughout the department.  Medicine Grand Rounds are on the first and third Wednesday of the month via Zoom. Please contact for more information. Please see below for the list of divisional grand rounds:

Divisional Grand Rounds

Allen Pavilion Grand Rounds 

Cardiology Grand Rounds

Cardiology Cardiac Catheterization Conference

Digestive Diseases Grand Rounds

Endocrine Grand Rounds

Endocrine Seminar 

General Medicine Grand Rounds

Hematology/Oncology Grand Rounds 

Infectious Disease/Combined Rounds

Molecular Medicine

Nephrology Grand Rounds

Preventive Medicine

Pulmonary Critical Care Grand Rounds

Rheumatology Grand Rounds

4th Thursday, Allen Conf room 3rd Fl Room 095

Tuesdays, 8am, Myrna Daniels Auditorium

Tuesday, 7am, AP 551

Mondays, 5pm, P&S 10-508

Mondays, 4pm, Kimberg Conf room, PH 8 E 115

Friday, 12pm, Atchley-Loeb Conf room PH 8E-107

Fridays, 8am, Atchley-Loeb Conf room PH 8 E 107

Thursdays, 1pm, Milstein Hospital 5GN-411

Tues & Thurs’s, 8:30am, Atchley-Loeb, PH 8 E 107

Mondays 3pm, Atchley-Loeb, PH 8 e107

Fridays, 1:00pm, Atchley-Loeb, PH 8 e107

Wednesdays 1:30pm, Atchley-Loeb, PH 8 e107

Thursdays 3pm, Heart Center conference room 1 & 2

Fridays 1pm, BB, 10th Floor Room 1041