Columbia University/Department of Medicine/NYPH
Compliance Calendar 2015
Annual Health Review (AHR) & Respiratory Fit Test (RFT)    DEADLINE: OCTOBER 15, 2015

Attending AHR Forms
Attending Annual Health Questionnaire & RFT Forms (Health Questionnaire)
Attending Physician 2015 Annual Health Notification

Attendings and Fellows - GO TO Workforce Health and Safety, Harkness Pavilion 1st Floor (180 Ft. Washington Avenue) Hours: Mon- Fri: 7:30am – 4:00pm
The Annual Health Review Questionnaire can also be completed online follow this link to complete the annual questionnaire and attach the results of the tuberculin skin test.
For Questions Contact: WH&S, via fax @ 212-305-7845 or email Tenicha Taylor at

Annual Respirator Fit Testing is an OSHA requirement for staff with direct patient contact.
Direct patient contact is defined as follows:

     • Entering the room of a patient on respiratory isolation
     • Administering aerosolized ribavirin to patients with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
     • Performing or assisting at a procedure on a patient with influenza
     • ER consults
Respirator Fit Testing is a condition of continued employment or affiliation for those who come under the program and eligible members who do not meet the requirement will be considered unfit for duty.

Fit Test Locations:
MH Lobby Near Gift Shop
Hours: Mon- Fri: 7:50am – 11:20am & 12:30pm – 3:20pm

Allen Pavilion, 2 Field East
Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays 7:30am - 11:45am

PENALTY: Administrative time out and possible voluntary resignation

FLU – Influenza & H1N1 vaccine    DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 20, 2015

MANDATORY for all health care providers –There will be a new process for those who decide     not to receive the vaccination

Flu Vaccination injectable and intranasal available free of charge to all NYPH employees, volunteers and medical staff
Effective immediately: Workforce Health and Safety, Harkness Pavilion 1st Floor

The “masks on” date will be determined by the NY State Health Commissioner based on regional flu activity. In keeping with State regulations, once the “masks-on” mandate is in effect, unvaccinated staff who do not comply will be subject to corrective action.

Additional Locations for Flu Vaccination
Flu Vaccination Program

If You Are Considering Not Being Vaccinated - You are required to complete an online education course, entitled Influenza Vaccine Required Education for Declination, before making a final decision. The course is available in the NYP Learning Exchange at:
Flu Declination Instructions
Influenza Declination Form

PENALTY:Administrative time out and possible voluntary resignation.

COI – Conflict of Interest    DEADLINE: OCTOBER 23, 2015

Log into RASCAL using your activated CU UNI and Password
     • Select “Conflict of Interest” from the Rascal menu
     • On the Conflict of Interest page select “Start New Disclosure”
     • Scroll to the bottom of the page. Underneath the text: "Would you like to file a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement?" click the "Yes" button.
     • Answer each of the questions accurately. If you answer YES to any of the questions, you must describe separately each business or activity. Click the blue arrow button to do so.
     • Click "CERTIFY" to complete the disclosure statement. The screen will state: “Your disclosure has been successfully submitted for review”
Print proof of completion
     • Click “COI Menu”, select “Continue Form in Progress and/or View History”, and then click the blue circle under “View Disclosure and Related Information”.  Print the “General Information” screen and forward to your Administrator as proof of completion.

HIPAA Compliance   
Mandatory Online training:
All incoming CUMC faculty, Fellows, staff, and students are required to complete this training as part of the hiring process. Sight Training makes the process straightforward and convenient. You may take the courses on any computer; each course should take no more than 30-45 minutes.

     To access the course(s), go to and log in with your UNI and password.

Annual Hospital Training for Attendings    DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 30, 2015
Mandatory Online training:
To complete this training, go to  and select "Annual Hospital Training 2015 for Medical Staff" from the menu on the left side of the page.  Follow the instructions provided on the course registration page. .

When completing the online registration form, please be sure to verify that you have the correct CWID entered into the CWID field. This identification number is used to track your participation in this training. There is a CWID lookup tool incorporated into the registration process to assist those who may not know their CWID.

If you encounter any problems with course registration or navigation, please call 888-345-6788 or send an e-mail to

For questions regarding course content or the requirement to complete this training, please call the Medical Staff Office at 212-585-6410.

PENALTY: Administrative time out and $100 fine, continued non-compliance will lead to voluntary resignation.     

Annual Hospital Training for Fellows, NPs, PAs and DPO Staff   DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 20, 2015
NP and PA NYPH AHT 2015 Directions

     •  To access the training, sign into the NYP Learning Center and click on My Transcript.
     •  For a step-by-step guide to accessing and completing AHT15, click here.
     •  Use Internet Explorer as your Web browser to access AHT15.
     •  Your Internet browser must be enabled to accept pop-ups. To enable this feature, select “Tools” in Internet Explorer, and make sure “Pop-Up Blocker” is disabled.

PENALTY: Administrative time out and possible voluntary resignation.

Annual Effort Reporting Certification   DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 20, 2015
Mandatory Online training:
All involved in sponsored research
We will annouce when 2015 training is available
ICA – Billing Compliance   online training will begin soon
Mandatory Online training:
All those involved in clinical practice need to complete the ICA –Billing Compliance training.