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Pooja Amy Shah, MD

  Assistant Professor of Medicine (in Family Medicine), CUMC
  Director of Integrative Medicine, Director of Musculoskeletal Medicine, Inpatient Teaching Faculty
  Columbia University Medical Center

  Specialty: Family Medicine
  Board certifications related to integrative health care: Pending Board Certification in the American Board of Integrative Medicine
  Licensure: Current NY State License to practice acupuncture
  Curriculum Vitae

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Pooja Amy Shah, MD, is a board certified family medicine physician working as Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Columbia University / New York-Presbyterian (CU/NYP) since 2011. Her primary roles include: Director of Integrative Medicine and Director of Musculoskeletal Education, as well as medical student educator and inpatient teaching faculty. A native Texan, she attended the University of Texas at Austin as an undergraduate and the University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Shah completed her residency training in family medicine at Boston University Medical Center, where she also served as chief resident and later as inpatient faculty.

Dr. Shah was awarded three Weil Foundation grants between 2014 and 2016, which helped her establish and develop the CU/NYP Family Medicine Residency Integrative Medicine Track. As director of both the Integrative Medicine Track as well as integrative medicine at large at CU/NYP's Center for Family and Community Medicine, she is working to increase access to integrative therapies for underserved patients and chronic pain patients through an IM consult clinic and acupuncture services. She is also working within family medicine and with CU’s pediatrics department and other divisions to expand student education in IM/IH. Several collaborators including Dr. Shah developed an IM medical student elective rotation at CU this past fall that is now fully functioning. Dr. Shah has developed and led guided meditations and other stress-mitigating exercises for faculty and staff in family medicine, from which she is now creating a formalized faculty/staff wellness/burnout prevention program. She served as the CU site coordinator for the NCIPH’s Foundations of Integrative Health Course this past year. She is a founding member of CU’s interprofessional integrative medicine and health collaborative, and is also a core member of the national Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health (ACIMH). Currently she is serving as CU's Education Working Group delegate for the ACIMH, transitioning to Vice-Chair of the working group in May 2017.

Dr. Shah completed the International Structural Acupuncture Course for Physicians at Harvard Medical School in 2014, advanced coursework in 2015, and is now currently assistant teaching at the Harvard program this academic year. She is expanding her training and work in mind-body medicine and chronic pain management by studying contemplative psychotherapy in a two-year certificate program at the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science in New York City (directed by Drs. Joe Loizzo of Cornell University and Robert Thurman of Columbia University), and by preparing for her board certification exam in integrative medicine this coming May. She has given lectures for national audiences on chronic low back pain, evidence-based mind-body approaches to chronic pain, and evidence-based mind-body therapies for the palliative care patient. In 2016, she co-authored an article in the New York State Academy of Family Physicians (NYSAFP) Journal titled “Chronic Pain: From Public Crisis to Integrative Relief.” Dr. Shah studies yoga and practices meditation regularly.

Clinical interests in Integrative Health Care

    • Myofascial Release – dry needling, manual
    • Trigger Point Injections
    • Integrative Treatment Plans for Chronic Conditions
    • Medication / Herb / Botanical / Supplement Reviews for Interactions and Recommendations
    • Mindfulness, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Elicitation of the Relaxation Response
    • Aromatherapy
    • Address: Farrell Community Health Center 610 W. 158th Street New York, NY 10032
    • Phone: 212.544.1860
  • Type of insurance taken or payment
    Medicaid, Medicare, all Medicaid managed care plans – please contact the Ambulatory Care Network for questions regarding insurance coverage 1-866-4MD-APPT1 (1-866-463-2778).
  • Research interests in Integrative Health Care
    • Needs assessment of Integrative Health Care in underserved communities
    • Use of acupuncture, myofascial release and trigger point injections for the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain syndromes.
  • Educational interests in Integrative Health Care
    • Resident and medical student education in evidence-based integrative medicine including patient care, self-care, and burn-out management
    • Integrative chronic pain management
    • Management of patients’ use of supplements, herbs, botanicals

Address: Center for Family and Community Medicine 610 W. 158th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10032
Phone: 212.544.1896, 212.544.1860, 212.544, 1880

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