Welcome Message from Anthony W. Ferrante Jr, MD, PhD

Dorothy L. and Daniel H. Silberberg Associate Professor of Medicine
Chief of the Division of Preventive Medicine & Nutrition.

Columbia University Medical Center is an internationally renowned center for research in atherosclerosis and metabolism of lipids including cholesterol, triglyceride and fat soluble vitamins. Dr. DeWitt S. Goodman, the first chief of this Division, was the founding chairman of the National Cholesterol Education Program, which originated the national criteria for treatment of high blood levels of cholesterol to prevent heart disease. The Division has continued its tradition of performing cutting edge basic and clinical research, offering the highest level of patient care, and providing programs to educate the next generation of clinical and basic researchers in lipid and vitamin metabolism.

Research programs in this Division are primarily funded by the National Institutes of Health and include studies of diabetes‐mediated atherosclerosis, lipid uptake and toxicity in the heart, regulation of lipoprotein production by the liver, metabolic effects of alcohol, vitamin A metabolism, roles of macrophages within adipose tissue, actions of lipase enzymes in the bloodstream and within tissues, and intracellular vitamin A binding proteins. Clinical research programs have studied new cholesteroland triglyceride‐lowering drugs and effects of diabetes drugs, especially PPAR agonists, on plasma lipids.

A long‐standing NIH funded T32 program in atherosclerosis research provides a comprehensive training and educational program that seeks to create an atmosphere of cross‐fertilization between laboratory and clinical researchers. Our fellows have come from a variety of disciplines including traditional laboratory based Ph.D. programs, training programs in medicine, surgery and public health, and education. A monthly seminar series mingles clinical and laboratory presentations to provide all trainees with an introduction to research issues in each discipline.

The Division is responsible for two clinical programs. Dr. David Seres, CUMC/NYPH Director of Clinical Nutrition, is one of the few clinicians in the country with a primary focus on hospital based nutrition. He supervises the hospital programs in total parenteral nutrition, manages much of the hospital supplementary enteral nutrition, and provides consultation on feeding issues and malnutrition. Clinical fellows from a diverse number of specialties, including Gastroenterology, Critical Care, Nephrology, and Endocrinology rotate with the Nutrition Support Service for training in these areas. The Center for Heart Disease Prevention sees patients with disorders of lipid metabolism who are at risk for either pancreatitis or coronary artery disease. Patients are seen by either Dr. Ginsberg or Goldberg who are internationally recognized leaders in clinical lipid disorders. Clinical fellows in general medicine, cardiology and endocrinology rotate through the Center to receive training in preventive cardiology and lipid management.

The Division operates an active seminar series that has included talks by many of the major scientists working in lipid metabolism, atherosclerosis, insulin resistance, and obesity. This program is also attended by faculty from the Divisions of Molecular Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology, and the Institute of Human Nutrition.

Our site includes faculty profiles, information on our T32 postdoctoral training program, and lists of our upcoming and previous seminar speakers. Our yearly summary, Healthy Heartbeat, lists our published research, new research grants, and faculty honors.