Our Philosophy

We know that a patient’s illness experience is unique and personal. Moreover, a serious illness not only affects the patient’s quality of life, but impacts on the patient’s family and community in profound ways. We believe that palliative care should be introduced along with curative/disease modifying treatment as early as possible. Through our multidisciplinary team approach we help patients and families face the challenges of a serious illness together so they can live as well as they can.

Use of Meditation

Meditation practice has been shown to have many promising effects on patients, families and providers, mitigating the stress of illness and contributing to a sense of well-being and equanimity. We emphasize the importance of meditation in our services.

  • Our inpatient team offers meditation training by our Zen Buddhist chaplain, Rev. Seigan Glassing.
  • We also have a part time chaplain intern and advanced practice nurse in our outpatient program, who can assist and train patients and family members in mindfulness meditation and other mind-body techniques to decrease anxiety and improve well-being.
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