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The Gharavi lab is pursuing multiple local and multicenter studies to investigate the genetic causes of kidney diseases. We are also conducting several genetic studies generated through the Precision Medicine Initiative. In particular, we are currently enrolling participants in the following studies:




All of the aforementioned studies are NIH-funded.


We would like to invite you, your child, or another family member for our study if you have been diagnosed with any kind of kidney disease, in particular if you have one or more of the following conditions:

A signed consent form and a blood sample are required to participate in any of the above studies. Samples can be collected during an in-person appointment or can be shipped to our lab. Also as a part of our studies, we offer free clinic consultations for familial forms of kidney disease.

If you are interested in participating in our studies or have any questions, please contact our project coordinator Maddalena Marasa:

Maddalena Marasa, MD
1150 St. Nicholas Avenue, Rm 413
New York, NY. 10032
phone: 212-851-4927