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Recruiting Volunteers at the IgAN 5K Walk, May 2017

Beautiful day for a 5K!

Hard at work recruiting patients for our studies.

Olivia, our event organizer, is all smiles after a succesful day of recruiting!


The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

UAE Healthy 10K Kidney Run, April 2017

All of our runners from Columbia Nephrology

Classic silly photo

Recruiting Volunteers at the IgAN 5K Walk, 2016

The recruitment team

Justin's Going Away, June 2016

Justin and the boys

Justin and the boys (with Gabe!)

Justin and the smarter members of the lab

UAE Healthy Kidney 10K Run, May 2016

At the finish

The East Wing Team, May 2016

Adele, Gabe, David, Jerry

Gettin' Jiggy

Previous Years in the Lab

Sindhuri pipetting

Samantha at the centrifuge

Mersedeh's going away party

Britney, Ami, Mersedeh, Natalia

Krzysztof, Mersedeh, Sindhuri and Yifu

Searching for genes everywhere...

Yifu explaining something important

Geographic Differences in Susceptibilty to IgA Nephropathy

Lab members in June 2012

Lab members in April 2011

Lab members in April 2011

Lab members in September 2011

ASN dinner in Denver, 2010

ASN Renal Week - Denver, 2010

Francesca and Simone

Lab Members in Front of the Russ Berrie Building

Ali, Krzysztof, Jingyuan, Yifu and Mersedeh